The BIG M has mastered itself in initiating, designing, and executing the BTL activities for the clients through which a client can have insight into its customer’s emotional and behavioral attitude towards their brand by investing in such an activity, which can be in the form of 1-2-1 engagement revolving around ideas, communication and value added services that encourage and invite individuals/customers to participate, your brand and marketing can get direct feedback from the market.

In consumer dialogue we can also narrate your brand’s message, in a way so that the consumer gets attracted. If you talk about selling, one to one interaction plays a vital role. We facilitate you directly and persuasively engage your targeted customers via tools of direct marketing. We can do this for you in a variety of ways i.e. BAs (Brand Ambassadors), SPs (Sales Promoters).

We understand the need to use your budgets wisely, efficiently and effectively. The Power of Insight, which we have garnered through experience & real time research in the market, gives us the craft to develop strategic communications programs that help improve your brand’s market presence and image on a budget.

What we can do for you?

Increasing sales without increasing costs?
Activate shopper desire and purchase?
Storm ahead of the competition?

Outdoor Advertising:

Digital Printing, Billboard, Streamers etc
Drive visibility and ensure permanent contact point

Scope : Nation wide
Mechanism : Long term or short term rental site
Streamers drive

Stall Activation:

Brand experience, Generate Trials, Track Customers
Ensure targeted number of consumer contacts and detailing by attracting them towards stall


Venue              : General Markets, Shopping malls, Exhibitions, Super store, HOERCA

Scope               : Sec A, B & C

Mechanism      : Information booths at selected venues

                                    Brand activators

                                    Live demos and product experience

 NOKIA Express Music BTL



High End Stalling

Brand Image, Generate Trial & Excite/Involve Customers

Create impact at venues; attract customers by using HI TECH equipment

Venue              : Shopping malls, Exhibitions, Super store, HOERCA, Corporate Events

Scope               : Sec A, B & C

Mechanism      :           Using hi-tech gadgetry à LEDs, 2 wheelers.

Very posh locations for high involvement

image009 image010


Red bull Event at LUMS

Three Wheeler: Interceptors


Brand Activation N95

Product Experience and Customer Detailing at Air Ports



National Swimming Championship – Isb

Branding & Wet Sampling of Tang


Moving Floats

Small Town Hype

C & D Towns of the Country

High visibility, activation with high involvement and real time product experience

Venue: Public gathering in confined environment i.e Parks & Grounds Road side, open markets

Scope: 9 floats throughout Center & North regions of Pakistan for Unilver

Mechanism: Branded Floats

  Public Gathering

  Product information/activation

  Coupled with entertainment

Moving Floats

Rural Area Activation for Unilever


Free Taste – Tang Wet Sampling

Product Experience at Market Places – MLT, LHR, FSD, GWL, ISB & RWP



Tang Pineapple Wet Sampling

Product Experience at Market Places – MLT, LHR, FSD, GWL, ISB & RWP


Mobile Brand Activation

Branded Teams on APVs

Customer interception coupled with trade activation

Creating trial and generating traffic for retailers by creating impact at point of purchase

 Venue              : Generally markets to intercept the potential consumer.

   Recreational areas with high traffic

 Scope               : 17 teams throughout Center & North regions of Pakistan

Mechanism      : Complete ambience is created with the help of Stall, Branded APV, Electric Scotties, LCDs to detail potential consumers

 Mobile brand activation teams

Brand Activation for Hero Pakistani – World Call Grp



Innovative POP


Create Awareness, Build Visibility

Visibility drivers, suited for high traffic venues

 Venue              : Shopping Malls

                          Super Store

                           Hotels & Clubs

 Scope               : Sec A & B

 Mechanism      : Select visibility spots

                          Placing high end POP => Lamas

LAMA DISPLAY: Convenient and impact full solution can be placed at wide rang of contact points. 


POPM: Convenient and impact full solution….


Demo Bus

Live product experience

Brand Awareness, Product Demo/Experience

High visibility, activation with real time product experience

 Venue              : Educational Institutions

                          Road side activities

                          Small town hype

 Scope               : Sec A, B & C

 Mechanism      : Branded LCD inside

                          Parked at selected venues

                          Live demo of products

                          Sales counter inside


Road Activation Tools:


On Premise Visibility

Awareness driver

On premises permanent visibility sitesimage042

Drive visibility and ensure permanent contact point

 Venue              : Shopping mall

                          Modern Trade


 Scope               : Sec A, B & C

 Mechanism      : Sites selection & Locking spaces

              Lit signs and window graphics.